Louise Bawden


Q1: Full name:

Louise Bawden

Q2: Nickname:


Q3: How did you get involved in your sport?

I started indoor volleyball at high school

Q4: How often do you train a week & when do you get time off during the year?

I train full time, 5-6 days a week. We often get a little time off around September/October, but we have competitions all over the world so we usually don’t take long breaks!

Q5: Do you have a special routine or superstition before competing? if yes, what is it?

My pre-game physical routine is important to make sure I am firing before a match. I try not to pick up too many superstitions – I don’t want to jinx myself!

Q6: Favourite sport – outside of your own?

I enjoy AFL and Basketball (just watching though – I can’t play!)

Q7: Do you follow a particular diet?

Not really. I’m not a big meat eater and have spent periods of time following a vegetarian diet.

Q8: Have you overcome serious injury or other set-backs?

I have been extremely fortunate when it comes to injury. I had one minor surgery in 2012 and that is really all (in a 20 year career!).

Q9: What about GC2018 excites you?

There is so much to be excited about for GC2018!
I am always extremely proud and motivated by the prospect of representing our great country.
I am also really excited to have the opportunity to showcase one of Australia’s iconic beaches, in Coolangatta.
Finally, I am excited to play to WIN. I want nothing more than to take that gold medal!

Q10: One question you get asked too often? 

Oh this is easy – we get asked questions about our uniform (bikini’s) WAY too often!

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