Shelley Watts


Q1: Full name:

Shelley Watts

Q2: Nickname:


Q3: How did you get involved in your sport?

Through rehab after a major injury – knee reconstruction

Q4: How often do you train a week & when do you get time off during the year?

When in preparations for a major event, like the Commonwealth Games I would train 15 times a week!
Out of competition training, usual weeks consist of 9-12 training sessions. Time off depends on major events, or tournaments or competitions, boxing doesn’t have a set on and off season or competition schedule.

Q5: Do you have a special routine or superstition before competing? 

No superstitions – I don’t want to get myself caught up in something I can’t control if I can’t get it while travelling.
But I do LOVE a banana, honey, peanut butter sandwich before my fights! Yummy!

Q6: Favourite sport – outside of your own?

Rugby League!! I’d love to play! I’ve always wanted too, but when I was younger I wasn’t able to without competition! LOVE the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Q7: Do you follow a particular diet?

Boxing is a weight category sport, so we are constantly watching what we eat and how much we weigh.
I just try to give my body the right nutritious foods that can give me enough energy to fuel my training and competitions

Q8: Have you overcome serious injury or other set-backs?

My career started from setback and a major ACL knee reconstruction! That’s the beauty of setbacks.. they always give you a lesson, strength & endless possibilities!
I was lucky enough to learn that very early in my career 🙂 🙂

Q9: What about GC2018 excites you?

Being able to experience the home crowds excitement and reactions, having family and friends in the crowd and being able to represent our amazing country at OUR games!
Being able to wear the green and gold, fighting for everyone in australia is always an amazing feeling and dream come true! But to do it at home is more than a dream.

Q10: One question you get asked too often? 

Not a question, more a statement… “Oh, you’re a boxer, I won’t stand too close to you!” Every time I meet someone new, this is their reaction! Haha

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