Commonwealth Games Australia has today launched its new look in the lead up the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

The new branding includes the change of name to Commonwealth Games Australia (formerlyAustralian Commonwealth Games Association).

In partnership with Sydney based agencies WiteKite and Excalibur Insights, Commonwealth Games Australia undertook a comprehensive review of the existing ACGA brand, ultimately leading to the decision to refresh the brand for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The new brand features a number of key elements:

  • Historic Green and Gold in modern gradient design.
  • Custom CGA font
  • New logo Featuring The Commonwealth Games Federation Bar, representing equally, humanity and destiny, Australian coat of arms representation, along with the AUS designation so synonymous with Australian sporting teams.

Australian Commonwealth Games Chief Executive Officer Craig Phillips said the new look represented a positive step towards the future for the organisation.

“With a home Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast just around the corner, the time was right to refresh the look of the organisation,” he said.

“We had incredible input from all of our stakeholders in developing this new brand, but particularly from our athletes”.

“We really wanted to listed to their thoughts and create something that they would be proud to be part of, and proud to represent.

“This is a brand that represents Australia and we hope the entire community joins us for the journey to Gold Coast 2018,” Phillips said.

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