Birmingham Breakfast


Live Q&A sessions with an Australian athlete via zoom from Birmingham!

These sessions will be run by Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) in conjunction with Channel 7 and we want to get you involved! See below for some more details and how you can potentially get your class up close and personal (on Zoom) with athletes at the Games.


What is Birmingham Breakfast?

Live Q&A sessions from the Birmingham Commonwealth Games with Australian athletes into your classroom.

Who can get involved?

This question has two answers:

The zoom sessions will be open to the first 500 schools that logon to watch. You can watch Birmingham Breakfast take place in real time each day at 9.30am AEST via your schools computer on Zoom. As a voyeur school you will have your camera and microphones switched off, you will however have the ability to submit questions via the chat function, where we can answer some of them during the session.

If you are wanting to be eligible to be the school ON CAMERA, enter the Birmingham Breakfast competition. We are randomly selecting four lucky Australian schools to be hosts with us for each Birmingham Breakfast Q&A session. Make sure you enter by 3pm AEST, Sunday 17 July, 2022.

When will Birmingham Breakfast take place?

Birmingham Breakfast will run across the five school days of the Commonwealth Games (Monday 1 August – Friday 5 August). This means a handful of lucky schools will become on camera hosts whilst all other schools nation-wide can tune in via Zoom or watch the repeat of Birmingham Breakfast each day!

What if we are not an AEST school?

Due to the time difference in Birmingham, we are only able to run the program by AEST because although it will be 9:30am for you here in Australia, it will be 12:30am for us in Birmingham. For non-AEST schools the sessions will be available for watching post-session from CGA and highlight reels will be made available by Channel 7.

Where will these sessions take place?

On Zoom right in your classroom – or wherever you want to log in from. Zoom links will be made available before the sessions and sent out to all registered schools.

How do I know if we are eligible to be one of the on-camera host schools?

This does take a bit of responsibility for the host schools. That’s why we will have a rehearsal with the winning teachers ahead of time so everything can go as smooth as possible.

To know if you are eligible, you must be able to assure the following things upon application:

Ensure you have access to

  • A minimum of two computers connected to a strong internet connection;
  • Access to Zoom and the ability/permissions to record and supply CGA and Channel 7 with the recordings post session;
  • Availability for a rehearsal Friday, 22 July, 2022 at 8:30 AEST;
  • Permission from school and parent/guardians for children to be on camera and used post session. Please note: Channel 7 will be broadcasting highlights from the sessions on their network across the duration of the Games and beyond;
  • Ability to provide written permissions to both CGA and Channel 7 for all present on camera;
  • Ability to select a handful of willing students to interact with the athletes i.e. ask them questions and engage in chats on zoom;
  • Please note you will need to supply the questions ahead of time, I will provide you with question samples and examples if you are a successful applicant.
  • You will need to be a school that runs on AEST.

You will also need to have registered at Borobi’s Classroom,  follow @commgamesaus on Instagram, and have used the hashtag #BorobisClassroom to show off some of your awesome Commonwealth Games moments along the way!

Become a Host school – enter for your chance below

If this sounds like your school, fill in the form below and may the odds be forever in your favour! 4 lucky schools will be selected at random.
ENTRIES CLOSE SUNDAY 17TH JULY  2022 (successful schools will ne notified Monday 18th July 2022)
For more details please contact


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