Commonwealth Games Australia to provide $13 million funding for Australian athletes


Ahead of tonight’s Federal budget, there’s an early win for Commonwealth Games sports and athletes with the release of a $13 million funding package announced by Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) to assist with preparations for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

The funding from Commonwealth Games Australia is a direct legacy for Commonwealth Games sports and athletes of hosting the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, which will celebrate the one-year anniversary since the opening ceremony this Thursday.

The total 2019-2022 funding includes $2 million in direct athlete support in the final 18 months leading into the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The remaining $11 million will fund initiatives which CGA believes will most likely contribute to its aspiration of being the number one nation in Birmingham.

The initial grants program consists of $4.155 million in project funding for the 18 Birmingham 2022 sports for projects in 2019 and 2020 targeting pre-elite athletes who have their sights set on the 2022 Games. Further funds have been set aside to support any additional sports which may be added to the Birmingham 2022 program by the Commonwealth Games Federation.

In addition, $25,000 has been set aside for 2019 and 2020 Kurt Fearnley Scholarships in conjunction with the Carbine Club of NSW which will be announced on Friday 5th April at the Carbine Club of NSW April lunch in Sydney.


Sport 2018-19 & 2019-20 FUNDING ALLOCATION
Athletics  $      448,250
Badminton  $      151,140
Basketball (3×3)  $      337,360
Boxing  $      245,000
Cycling  $      445,000
Diving  $      162,202
Gymnastics  $      274,000
Hockey  $      193,500
Judo  $      150,000
Lawn Bowls  $      273,600
Netball  $      120,000
Rugby 7’s  $      220,000
Squash  $      187,500
Swimming  $      362,000
Table Tennis  $      176,950
Triathlon  $      191,000
Weightlifting  $      126,000
Wrestling  $        91,498
TOTAL PROJECTS  $  4,155,000
Kurt Fearnley Scholarships  $        25,000
Contingency  $      320,000


The funding is targeted at able body and para-sport athletes for projects that are focussed on the Commonwealth Games, and includes specific 2022 campaign funding, which will come after the Tokyo Olympic Games, so this round of funding targets the pre-elite and ‘next generation’ athletes who now have their sights set on the Games in Birmingham.

CGA CEO Craig Phillips said the funding was vital for sports and athletes to assist in their preparations specifically for the 2022 Commonwealth Games and was an investment in team success at the Games.

“Between 1996 and 2018, CGA has provided in excess of $43 million to its members and athletes. The funding comes entirely from income from investments held in the Australian Commonwealth Games Foundation, sponsorship rights sales and fundraising activities and has been boosted by legacies of hosting home Games in Melbourne and now the Gold Coast,” Phillips said.

“The funding is designed to complement rather than replace or replicate any other sources of funding such as via Sport Australia or the AIS.  And in some sports where Olympic related funding is minimal, this funding provides a lifeline for their athletes and the sport.”

“Our 2016-2022 strategy is “Building Team Success” and this funding will help our sports and athletes in these crucial two years before the final lead in to Birmingham where our goal is to be the No.1 nation in both gold and overall medals at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.”

Achieving that goal will be no easy task.

Australia topped the medal tally on the Gold Coast with 198 medals, including 80 gold, well ahead of England with 135 medals/45 gold.  In Glasgow four years earlier, it was a different tale, with England topping the tally with 174/58 to Australia’s 137/49.

CGA will continue to work with partner sports and high-performance partners at the AIS, Paralympics Australia and State/Territory Institutes of Sport to ensure the best possible preparation for Australian athletes to compete at the Commonwealth Games.



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