Jessica Ashwood

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Languages Spoken:


Are you a citizen of a country other than Australia? If yes, please provide details?


Education Details:

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University, Nathan, Qld

Club details:


Why did you begin your sport?

My grandmother was my learn to swim and first squad coach

What is your most memorable sporting achievement?

3rd at 2015 World Championships in the 400m Freestyle

Who is your hero / idol, and why? Have you ever met them?

Jack McLoughlin, great training partner and his mentality towards sport and training is admirable.

Who has been the most influential person or people in your career and why?

Vince Raleigh my coach, his holistic approach to coaching cares about me as a person not just as an athlete pushes me to be the best I can be

Do you have any hobbies away from your sport?

coffee - learning to be a barista

What is your sporting ambition?

To see what I can achieve in swimming