Commonwealth Games Australia launches Empowering Women Initiative


Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) has today launched the Empowering Women Initiative to mark International Women’s Day.

Set to advance experiences and opportunities that celebrate women in sport, the annual $10,000 AUD contribution directly invests in programs across the Oceania region that enhance inclusivity and gender equality.

CGA received applications from more than 10 Games associations across the Pacific in 2024, with two to receive $5000 AUD each toward achieving their goals.

The Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee (CISNOC) have been awarded a grant in support of the development of a ‘women-in-sport’ docuseries.

The series will highlight and promote the development, experience and success of female athletes, coaches, volunteers, and officials throughout the Cook Islands community.

It will showcase previously untold stories, inspiring girls and women of all ages to take up community leadership roles and promote positive sporting experiences.

“To receive this grant is a significant achievement and proud moment for our organisation, providing the crucial financial support and resources needed to bring this vision to life,” Owen Lewis, Secretary-General for CISNOC, said.

“We now have the opportunity to produce a compelling and inspiring series that will celebrate the remarkable journeys and accomplishments of female athletes and sports personalities from the Cook Islands.”

“Ultimately, the impact we seek is far-reaching – to create a legacy that will continue to resonate and empower future generations, fostering a more equitable and inclusive sporting landscape in the Cook Islands.”

The Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (VASANOC) have also been rewarded for their application, with their undertaking aimed at breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation and sport.

The program will deliver education sessions on the importance of menstrual hygiene, promote health and well-being among female athletes, and provide feminine hygiene products to those in need.

VASANOC aims to use the initiatives as a means of empowering women to perform at their best without any barriers or limitations.

“It will be a huge benefit to our talented female athletes and we are aiming to ease the difficulties for them,” Pamela Ryan, on behalf of VASANOC, said.

“If our athletes can perform to their best then the position of women in the community is elevated.”

Craig Phillips AM, CGA CEO, congratulated the successful applicants and highlighted CGA’s commitment to the Oceania region and its effort to reduce inequality.

“International Women’s Day is all about inspiring inclusion and the applications we received from across the Oceania region for the Empowering Women Initiative sure did that,” Phillips said.

“I congratulate the beneficiaries of our $10,000 investment in 2024 and look forward to building the program in the years to come.

“CGA is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we will continue to make every effort to support our colleagues across the region in their aspirations to do the same.”

The Empowering Women Initiative is being delivered for the first time this year and will serve as an annual commitment by CGA to enable greater access and opportunity for women through sport across the Oceania region.

The application window for 2025 will open in the final quarter of this year before applications close on 31 January 2025.



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