Commonwealth Games Australia to re-shape board


The Board of Commonwealth Games Australia will be re-shaped, with constituents today voting for constitutional change at a Special General Meeting in Melbourne.

The current CGA Board, made of up representatives from each of the Commonwealth Games sports, will be reshaped to an independent board of seven elected and two appointed members. The President will be an elected member.

The changes will come into effect at the November Annual General Meeting, with elections to take place at that meeting.

The new CGA Constitution has been developed following the recommendations of an extensive governance review undertaken over the past six months.

A governance review (Board Review) sub-committee chaired by CGA Vice-President Geraldine Brown, consulted extensively with CGA’s stakeholders before putting forward the recommendations for constitutional change.

Under the new CGA Constitution, an annual Members’ Forum will allow member sports and other invited key stakeholders a valuable opportunity to engage with the CGA Board. The first forum will be held in conjunction with the November AGM.

The changes also include the provision for a new class of membership, to be known as Associate Members. The introduction of Associate Members will cater for sports that are not currently on a Commonwealth Games program, but may be included the future as CGF “optional” sports.  It is anticipated it could also incorporate other relevant organisations, such as the Australian Paralympic Committee, subject to approval from the CGA Board.

Associate Membership does not change any of the existing classes of membership such as Program Sports, State Divisions and Life Members.

Click here to view the new constitution.



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