Commonwealth sport family “will get through” says CGF President


Commonwealth Games Federation president Dame Louise Martin DBE, says she is confident the Commonwealth sport family will get through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Writing her Easter message to all Commonwealth nations Martin said, “the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an effect on each and every one of us.”

Martin says she is inspired by the many people turning to sport and physical activity and seeing athletes share workouts or motivation on social media.

Martin also confirmed that discussions continue with the organising committee of the Trinbago 2021 Commonwealth Youth Games, scheduled for 1-7 August 2021, which now clash with the rescheduled Tokyo Olympic Games.

Dame Louise Martin, Easter Message:

I wish I was writing my 2020 Easter Message to you during happier times but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an effect on each and every one of us.

It is clear that tough times continue to lie ahead for us all, but I take strength in knowing that we, as a united Commonwealth Sport Family, will get through though any challenges ahead together.

I have been inspired by so many people turning towards sport and physical activity to help them through this crisis. Seeing athletes share workouts or motivation on social media or hearing about how Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) are supporting local communities, is proof that sport throughout our Commonwealth has the power to positively connect us all and transform lives even in moments of crisis.

From a CGF perspective, we continue to move forward and are fortunate that digital technology is allowing us to efficiently and effectively communicate online. The CGF Executive Board have held several video conference meetings over the last two weeks and have agreed to monthly whilst the global lockdown situation continues. This is important to ensure that our core business continues, that our strategic focus remains steadfast and we smoothly and effectively adapt to changes in our sporting landscape as proactively as ever.

Each of you knows the obstacles that the pandemic has caused to the global international sporting calendar. From a CGF perspective, postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics means it will now take place at the same time as the Trinbago 2021 Commonwealth Youth Games. We will continue to work closely with our friends and partners in Trinidad and Tobago to assess the delivery options for the Commonwealth Youth Games. We are focused on making the right decision and taking the required amount of time to do so for the safety and benefit of your athletes as well as the young people and their communities of Trinidad and Tobago.

Regarding the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the CGF and Birmingham 2022 delivery partners remain fully committed to hosting an inspirational Commonwealth Games in the West Midlands during 2022. We have worked, and will continue to work, with our International Federation partners to ensure the XXII Commonwealth Games maintains its position and stature on the global sporting calendar.

Discussions with International Federations remain ongoing in this area and, as with Trinbago 2021, I will provide further updates when decisions are made.

On a final note, I would like to say that our thoughts and prayers are with those in the South Pacific as Cyclone Harold causes destruction and devastation across the region, with Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga amongst our island nations significantly impacted by this natural disaster.

Exactly two years ago we were all in this region, enjoying the sporting spectacular that was Gold Coast 2018.

Let us hold on to those memories of that wonderful event and use them to stay positive and reinforce our commitment to meet again, in sport, when time allows.



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