In their own words | 7 April



Compiled by Deanna Yourell


We’ve kept our ears to the ground and brought you the most quotable quotes from the last 24 hours. Here’s today’s action through the voices of those who matter most:


Para-triathlete Scott Crowley reflects on being at GC2018:


“Getting here is a win. Just to make it to a Games is incredible, and to cross the finish line even better.”


Para-triathlete Lauren Parker on her performance on Saturday and her future in the sport:


“I’m so happy with my performance, so stoked with bronze today.

“I like being chased and getting to pull away and get in front. I mean, I had a moment at the end there (Parker tipped over coming into the winning straight), but you just have to keep going. I have a lot to improve on, but overall I’m so stoked with my performance.

“Tokyo 2020 (Olympic Games) is next for me. It’s going to be a long road, but so exciting.”

Cyclist Matt Glaetzer talks about his upcoming race in the 1000m Time Trial:


“It’s just one ride and I’m going to absolutely rip it, try and make amends for today because I came in looking good for this and to lose it like that is embarrassing, disappointing and shattering really.”


Badminton player Matthew Chau discusses strategy in the mixed doubles match against the Singaporean team:


“We really just wanted to go out and give it our all. There’s not too much expectation on us.

“We went out there really focused on just hitting close to the net, getting the lift, and in attack we were really doing quite well.”


Bowler Karen Murphy explains her playing style:


“I’m a competitor, I hate losing… just finding a way to win when you’re not playing as well as you want to. And if you are a fighter, then you have every chance.

“It’s like a race horse with its blinkers on, I get into that zone and it’s a rhythm thing.

“I generally play at my best when I am under the pump. When I’m under pressure, when I have to play that big bowl, is probably when I play my best bowls.”


Bowler Aron Sherriff  talks about the team’s performance going into the quarterfinals:


“It was a good hit-out. We knew that we were basically safe for second spot in the section, so we tried a few different lengths and shook things up and it was a good result.

“We know our best is as good as it’s going to get here, so all we have to do is go out and perform our best.”


Triathlete Gillian Backhouse reflects on her gold medal performance in the Mixed Relay event and Australia’s chances for Tokyo 2020 Olympics:


“I gave it everything. I tried to help Matt (Matthew Hauser) be as close to Jon (Jonathan Brownlee) as possible. I’m so thrilled I didn’t let the team down.

“With the mixed team relay now on the Olympic program, Tokyo 2020 is looking very good for Australia.”


Triathlete Matthew Hauser talks about his use of the word ‘electric’ in his post-event interviews:


“It’s the first thing that goes through my head every time. It’s truly the perfect word to sum up this Australian crowd and the support we get.”


Triathlete Ashleigh Gentle describes her feelings when teammate Jacob Birtwhistle crossed the line to win gold:


“It was honestly the biggest relief. It was absolutely nerve-wracking watching the last leg, anything could have happened at the end there.”


Triathlete Jacob Birtwhistle on his performance in the Mixed Relay event:


“That last leg could have gone either way. Going into it I was just thinking I’ll try to keep up as much as possible with Alistair (Brownlee) in the cycle then I’ll take him in the run, but I had a decent lead. I definitely didn’t relax. I wasn’t going easy but the lead was more than I expected going into the run, so I was quietly confident coming into the end.”

Swimmer Madeline Groves discusses the mood in the Australian camp:


“Fourteen medals in one night. Day one was amazing with the 4x100m girls setting a world record. A clean sweep of the 100m butterfly was about as special as it can get, and I’m really going to remember that for a long time.”


Para-swimmer Timothy Disken talks about Saturday’s heats and his recovery from emergency brain surgery in 2017:


“It felt like a training session, it was that easy.

“The skills were fantastic in that race and it’s exciting to see what I can try and pull out tonight in front of this home crowd.

“I surprised even myself with how good I’ve bounced back (from surgery). It was a pretty nerve-racking experience over in Canada, and to be back at my best within six months is just fantastic.”




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