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Hosted by Dave Culbert

Delving into all things Commonwealth Games between now and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

We recap the week that was, chat to a Games star of the past, present or future and take a look at the week ahead for our Commonwealth Games aspirants.

EPISODE 25: Susie O’Neill

Susie ‘Madame Butterfly’ O’Neill has won more gold medals at a Commonwealth Games than any female in Australian sporting history but the thought of losing still provokes nightmares.

Although her illustrious swimming career proves otherwise, O’Neill says she was overcome with nerves during competition, and more often than not she would work herself ‘into a frenzy’.

“I was a hard task master on myself and very serious,” she said, “I just loved competing and loved beating people”.

In front of crowds of thousands O’Neill broke record after record and was dominant in the pool for a decade, but now she swims for her own well being.

“It’s like meditation for me,” she said, “I love the way it makes me breathe… I can be anxious and breathe shallow, so when I take big deep breaths I feel really good.”

Fed up with being recognised only as ‘Susie the swimmer’ from living in the sporting spotlight most of her life, O’Neill sensationally ripped up official records and threw away medals.

“I remember being over the bin ripping up Commonwealth records,” she said, “It’s hard to transition, from a nine-year-old you’re just consumed by sport”.

A raw an honest chat with a home grown sporting legend – a must listen.




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