Ahmad relishes tough Games boxing debut

Roger Vaughan / AAP News


The Commonwealth Games debutant lost his round of 16 fight, but will use the experience to continue his boxing journey.


Merven Clair saw Taha Ahmad coming and that was always going to end badly for the Australian.

Ahmad lost his light-middleweight boxing bout with a unanimous decision on Tuesday at the Commonwealth Games.

The round of 16 fight was Ahmad’s Games debut and his lack of experience told against him.

“He probably saw more than I expected him to see,” Ahmad said.

“When I fight, when I spar, many of my opponents don’t see what I’m going to throw.

“I don’t know if I had a bad day or he was more experienced, but no excuses. I’m going to watch it back and learn, learn, learn.

“When we go to the Olympics, I will come back 10 times stronger. I promise you, I won’t go out in the first one.”

Ahmad relished the experience, despite the sudden end to his first Games.

The 21-year-old is a former kickboxer who switched to boxing a couple of years ago and is yet to reach 20 fights in his career.

“I took more than I lost, I gained more than I lost,” he said.

“This is my first international (tournament), it’s only my 16th boxing fight.

“These guys have had hundreds and hundreds.

“I see it as a win for me, I know I will come back stronger. You can drop me 100 times, I will get back up 101.”

Ahmad was the only Australian boxer in action on day four.

Wednesday will feature light middleweight Kaye Scott’s quarter-final against Zainab Keita of Sierra Leone.

Middleweights Caitlin Parker and Callum Peters also have quarter-final bouts.



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