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Judo was an optional sport at the Commonwealth Games when the sport made its debut in Auckland in 1990 before a return in 2002 Manchester, England and 2014 Glasgow, Scotland.

Judo first debuted at the Auckland 1990 Commonwealth Games where Australia finished with eight medals, including three silver medals for Suzanne Williams in the women’s lightweight, Geraldine Dekker in the women’s heavyweight and Dean Lampkin is the men’s half heavyweight.

At the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, Australia’s team of judoka finished with five medals, including two team members breaking through to win gold.

Maria Pekli won gold in the women’s lightweight competition and Thomas Hill won gold in the men’s lightweight event.

The sport most recently featured at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, where Australia’s team won four bronze medals, Jake Bensted in the men’s lightweight, Jake Andrewartha in the men’s heavyweight, with Amy Meyer and Chloe Rayner each claiming bronze in the women’s extra-lightweight after winning through the repechage bouts.

Australia has won 18 medals – 2 gold, 3 silver and 13 bronze medals in Judo competition at the Games. Judo is now a compulsory sport and will return to the Games program in Birmingham in 2022.

The governing body for Judo in Australia is Judo Australia.

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