AIS Be Heard – a free support service for all in high performance


The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) service is available to all Commonwealth Games Australia Team Members past and present.

AIS Be Heard, a free, independent and confidential support service for current and former athletes, coaches and staff in Australian high performance sport is now available.

The service is open to past and present Commonwealth Games Australia Team Members and provides a safe environment to share their experiences and seek support if they ever need it.

The AIS Be Heard service is designed to allow anyone in high performance sport the ability to turn to someone else for help if required.

The AIS Be Heard website details some of the issues you may want to discuss and how they can help.

It can be anonymous and there are no obligations – you are in control of your situation and how you’d like it to be handled.

AIS Director People Development and Wellbeing Matti Clements said the AIS had launched Be Heard this year to further enhance wellbeing support, especially for those dealing with any negative experiences.

“No one should feel the burden of bottling-up information about unacceptable incidents or practices during their time in high performance sport,” Clements said.

“If you’re not sure where to go for support, AIS Be Heard is the best place to start.

“There are opportunities to discuss things anonymously if you feel more comfortable. What matters most is you know there’s support available if, and when, you are ready to reach out.

“By contacting AIS Be Heard, you will be assisted by an independent integrity provider who can help you with the most appropriate support for your needs. No matter how long ago something may have happened, you will be heard.”

Find out more or get in touch:

1800 565 965 (Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm AEST)



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