Andrea Mcdonnell

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Education Details:

Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

Club details:

Townsville Table Tennis Association, Townsville, Australia

Why did you begin your sport?

I commenced playing at a very young age and just loved the challenge of getting more and more balls on the table.

Do you have any pre-competition routines or rituals?


What is your most memorable sporting achievement?

Making my first Paralympic Table Tennis Team last year competing in Teams and Singles events.

Who is your hero / idol, and why? Have you ever met them?

At the moment, I would have to say Jonathon Thurston from the North Queensland Cowboys Ruby League Team. He is just so inspiring to the whole community with his wonderful sportsmanship and willingness to give 110% for his fans and his teammates.

Who has been the most influential person or people in your career and why?

I would have to say my Dad. He taught me to play and spent countless hours travelling around the state to ensure I had the best tournaments to participate in.

Do you have any hobbies away from your sport?

I love to travel and see as many concerts and stage shows as I can. Living in a small country town does have it's drawbacks.

What is your sporting ambition?

My ambition is to win a medal at next year's Commonwealth Games. What a memory to achieve in front of a home crowd, teammates, family and friends.