Blake Govers

  • Birth Place


  • Birth State


  • Year of Birth


  • Height


Languages Spoken:

Virtual Golf.

Are you a citizen of a country other than Australia? If yes, please provide details?


Club details:

Albion Park Men's Hockey Club

Why did you begin your sport?


Do you have any pre-competition routines or rituals?

Everything goes on Left Right. Shin pags, Socks, Shoes.

What is your most memorable sporting achievement?

Making the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Who is your hero / idol, and why? Have you ever met them?

Kieran Govers, My Brother. Overcoming injury and playing at the highest level for so long.

Who has been the most influential person or people in your career and why?

Jamie Dwyer, 5 time world player of the year. We roomed together in Rio. He was a mentor to me when I came into the program.

Do you have any hobbies away from your sport?

Fast Cars. V8s Turbos. Drags.

What is your sporting ambition?

Olympic Gold