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Sarah Roy

Sport / Discipline

Cycling - Road

Birth Place

St Leonards

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Gold Coast, 2018

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Education Details:

Bachelor of Exercise Science, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne. Master of clinical physiology (rehabilitation), Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, NSW, Australia - currently studying.

Club details:

Sydney Uni Velo.

Why did you begin your sport?

I was inspired by watching Anna Meares on the track at the Olympics when I was young but ended up getting into triathlon for a few years before being selected into a cycling talent ID program and haven't looked back since.

Do you have any pre-competition routines or rituals?

I have an activation routine that I do but nothing exciting.

What is your most memorable sporting achievement?

Being selected for my first world championships. I was so excited.

Who is your hero / idol, and why? Have you ever met them?

I don't have one hero/idol in particular. I am inspired by and look up to lots of awesome people around me every day.

Who has been the most influential person or people in your career and why?

Natalie Kaebisch (nee Bates). Nat has guided me through complicated injuries and stuck by me even when I didn't show a great deal of potential. She is brutally honest, she challenges me and is extremely generous with her time and knowledge. I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for Nat.

Do you have any hobbies away from your sport?

I could almost say that food is my hobby. I love cooking with friends, baking, eating, trying new foods and food experiences around the world and I also love food photography.

What is your sporting ambition?

I aim to be the best athlete I can be on and off the bike. I want to become a credible athlete that can give back, can help/inspire others through my experiences.