Terry Nickolas

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Languages Spoken:


Are you a citizen of a country other than Australia? If yes, please provide details?


Club details:

Fortus Team Gym, Adelaide Australia

Why did you begin your sport?

Started to keep me out of trouble & to keep me focused on something I turned out loving.

Do you have any pre-competition routines or rituals?

On the day of my fight i like a nice casual stroll with some music playing, followed by a nice rest. Also love a nice chat about the fight with my manager before we head to the venue.

What is your most memorable sporting achievement?

Winning the 2017 Australian Title

Who has been the most influential person or people in your career and why?

The positive people around me. The ones who have been through hard times & came out on top. The few open minded people around me. They remind me that anything is possible & with hard work anything is possible.

What is your sporting ambition?

To become the best I can possibly be.