B17CYG: Rugby 7s score 160 points on day one


A delayed start time pushed game one of three into the middle of the day and temperatures hit the thirties, but our Rugby sevens girls still managed to keep cool heads.

Try after try, followed by conversion after conversion – there was no stopping them, they kept Bermuda and Trinidad and Tobago scoreless.

For a team who have just come together in the past, week morale could not be higher, Australia utility player Kennedy Cherrington confirmed.

“I was happy that we finally got to play with each other,” Cherrington said.

“This is the first time we’ve all actually played together and we came along pretty good.

“we’re actually really close… we’re always dancing, singing and having a bit of a joke – but when we hit the field, we’re ruthless together.”

Game three against Fiji was the toughest for the day, after two games in the heat and humidity, ball work became a little harder but not enough to unsettle the girls.

Australia came off on top with a win of 41 – 5.

Sevens coach Dale Roberson credited the girl’s ability to adapt to the Island conditions with ease.

“Yesterday was a good training session to get them prepared for how hot and how humid it is,” Roberson said.

“They seem like this morning they were a lot better prepared.”

Tomorrow, Australia will take on their toughest opponents yet in Wales and Canada for the opportunity to play finals – an opportunity they relish.

“We’re excited to play them tomorrow, they’ll be some serious competition… looking forward to it,” Cherrington said.

“That’s what we came here for, to play tough teams.”

Australia will kick off at 12am est against Wales and 4.20am est against Canada.



Vs Bermuda
62 – 0

Vs Trinidad and Tobago
60 – 0

Vs Fiji
42 – 5




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