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Borobi’s Classroom – Embrace Learning 2022

‘Borobi’s Classroom’ is a bespoke, custom-made education program designed to inform, educate, and entertain both students and teachers about the upcoming Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, the history of Australia at the Games and all things green and gold. Inspired by the legacy of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Embracing 2018 Learning program, Commonwealth Games Australia have evolved and developed a must have educational resource for all schools in 2022. Full access to the resources is available below.


Teacher Resource

A teacher's one-stop-shop for all the information you need to plan and teach classes based on the Commonwealth Games, the upcoming Birmingham Games, Australia's sporting history and all things green and gold.

Download (37MB)

Activity Books

Two jam-packed activity books full of information, fast facts, activities, quizzes, puzzles, colouring pages and much much more. The first is dedicated to Australia's favourite blue koala, Borobi, showcasing his story, meaning, indigenous roots, his mascot friends and lots of activities. The second is about the Queen's Baton Relay, outlining its epic journey around the Commonwealth, it's time in Australia and the history of the Commonwealth Games tradition.

Download (156MB)


Gain access to over 50+ custom made worksheets for varying ages. Curriculum areas covered include Australiana, the arts, humanities and social sciences (HASS), literacy, numeracy, sport and PE, mindfulness and specialty physical activities including instructions on how to host your own mini–Commonwealth Games and run a 'Walk to Birmingham' step-a-thon at your school. (Folders available to download based on suggested year level and subject for ease of accessibility.)

Download (318MB)

Colouring in Books

Borobi, sport pictograms and mindfulness colouring in pages for all ages.

Download (60MB)

Decoration Kit

The perfect assets to decorate your space ready for the Commonwealth Games. Kit includes ready to print and stick custom made cheering signs, multiple bunting options, countdown, sport list and medal tally posters and much more!

Download (119MB)


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