Deeks’ day on Coronation Drive


Many retired sports stars leave their sport with great mates and fond memories of their success.

None more so than Australian marathon runner Robert de Castella, affectionately known as “Deek”.

Deek was a household name throughout the 1980’s, particularly after his golden moment on Brisbane’s Coronation Drive.

It was the second last day of the 1982 Commonwealth Games – as Friday morning commuters made their way to work, Deek rose for business of a different kind.

In a thrilling showdown that would delight any sports fan, Deek closed a 250 metre gap between himself and Tanzanian runner Juma Ikangaa with just five kilometres  to go, to win gold for Australia.

In an interview with the two-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist, he spoke about ‘that day on Coronation Drive’, the mental supremacy of athletes and how important a home Games is to Australia’s medal success.

Part one of Robert de Castello’s interview released tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


‘The Battle’





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