Emerging athlete of the month – Tina Rahimi

By Maddie Barras


Rising boxing star Tina Rahimi is the March winner of the Commonwealth Games Australia emerging athlete of the month award after knocking out her competition at the Boxing Australia selection tournaments.

New South Wales rising boxing star Tina Rahimi is the March winner of the Commonwealth Games Australia emerging athlete of the month award. 

It was quite the month for the younger boxer after winning Boxing Australia’s 2022 Selection tournaments, the female fighter is ready for the next stage of her career and has sights set on gold. 

“I’m hoping to get the gold,” Rahimi said. 

“I am getting ready to compete at the IBA Women’s World Championships (in May) and then I want to go to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games (in July). 

“I know that I have what it takes to get gold at both the Women’s World Championships and the Commonwealth Games.” 

Rahimi’s victory in the Women’s Featherweight title (57kg) is her biggest win to date in her flourishing career and even took her by surprise. 

But the national title victory and being awarded the best female fighter at the tournament is a testament to her dedication to her training. 

“It was very overwhelming, I was really shocked,” Rahimi said. 

“I knew that I had the potential and capability to get the gold, so I really dedicated myself to the sport. 

“If I’m not good at something, I’ll keep practicing it and keep drilling it until I do get better and it becomes comfortable. I just kept practicing every day before stepping into the ring and that is how I got my success.”  

Starting boxing in 2017 firstly as a form of exercise, Rahimi has fallen in love with the sweet science, competing in her first bout in early 2018, and has found the sport has helped her build self-confidence. 

“I recommend everyone to learn boxing because firstly it’s a form of exercise and secondly, I’m quite a shy person, so learning self-defence has really boosted my confidence and self-esteem,” Rahimi said. 



Not only quickly becoming a champion in the ring, but Rahimi is also becoming a champion in her community and as an important role model for the Muslim community and young girls.  

Early in 2022, Rahimi created the Boxing With Tina Instagram account to encourage others to take up the sport she loves, and has created a vibrant online community. 

“It’s amazing to help these young females out and just boosting their confidence, it’s been really cool!” Rahimi said. 

“I am so passionate about teaching these ladies as well, it’s been amazing to help the people in my community who want to train and learn how to box.” 

Rahimi also gives credit to Jeff Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather’s uncle, for helping with her confidence in the ring when she got the opportunity to train with him in 2020.  

“It was one of the best experiences ever,” Rahimi said. 

“They were so welcoming, even coming from a different country and different culture than I do, they really pushed me to become a better boxer. “ 

Rahimi has a very exciting future ahead of her and is looking forward to the spoils that come with being a world-class boxer.  

“I’m also looking forward to travelling again and getting that experience from competing against other countries,” Rahimi said.  

“Beyond 2022, I may even consider turning professional, but for now I am just going to focus on the events I have ahead of me.” 

Having already secured the Featherweight title at the recent Team Selections, Rahimi is ready to make an impression on the international stage. 

An impression that may lead her to debuting the green and gold at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. 



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