Green2Gold2Great lights up the start of 2024


With a big year of sport in the making, Green2Gold2Great is helping to propel Australia’s athletes towards success.

Two months into 2024, and Green2Gold2Great has seen 12 activities completed across 11 sports, enabling preparation and development opportunities for an emerging and current athlete cohort.

With an emerging talent pool, Badminton Australia has utilised their funding to host a domestic camp at MSAC, which featured a series of on-court sessions, team bonding experiences and recovery sessions.

Bringing together both the senior and junior Falcons, it provided the opportunity for young team members to mix with the likes of experienced athletes such as Gronya Somerville and Nathan Tang.

Junior Falcon Jordan Wang was one to benefit from the program, chuffed to have the experience to mix amongst senior players.

“The week’s being pretty good; it’s been great playing against the Senior Falcons, they’re much more experienced and a lot stronger, so it’s been a good learning experience,” Wang said.

“We’ve got great coaches that really pass down their knowledge due to them having played for so many more years than us.”

The focus on developing athletes through Green2Gold2Great has also been an effort of Boxing Australia, with a Multi-Nations Domestic Camp bringing together a selection of athletes from primary and secondary squads within Australia alongside international competitors.

With limited opportunities for developing athletes to compete and train at the highest level, the camp provided exposure to sparring and match simulations versus international competitors.

With sporting camps enabling large athlete cohorts, both experienced and emerging to come together, Green2Gold2Great is also supporting development through competitions – helping to improve medal winning capabilities on the world stage.

As such, Green2Gold2Great has supported Table Tennis Australia in sending a team to the World Team Table Tennis Championships in Korea, contributed funding towards select athletes as part of Golf Australia’s 2024 Rookie Squad and helped to enable the Carrara Open hosted by Squash Australia. Further to this, Weightlifting Australia were supported to send athletes to the Oceania Championships.



With innovation becoming central to performance outcomes amongst sports, Volleyball Australia has invested in data analysis technology that tracks player movement and has the ability to categorise information into various metrics such as distance, speed, intensity, and heart rate.

Made possible by Green2Gold2Great, VA National Men’s Physical Preparation Coach Lachlan Hinds said, “This technology will allow us to understand the demands of the game a lot more and then subsequently prescribe training more efficiently for overall performance but also athlete wellbeing and importantly, injury prevention.”

General Manager of Team Planning and Delivery at Commonwealth Games Australia, Robin O’Neill added, “Collecting performance data over the coming years from a multitude of athletes ensures that Australian volleyball can continue to innovate and develop their programs, and by extension hopefully lead to medal winning outcomes for the 2026 Commonwealth Games and beyond.”

Propelling Australia’s charges forward on the world stage, Green2Gold2Great is helping to maximise success.




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