Flag Bearer Knowles Explains Why He ’Dropped Back’

IMAGE | Michael Willson


Kookaburras captain and Australian Flag Bearer Mark Knowles has described the “amazing” thrill of the Opening Ceremony and says his decision to drop back into the pack was to be a team player.

By Ben Somerford


Knowles held the flag aloft and led the Australian team around Carrara Stadium at Wednesday night’s 2018 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

However, halfway through the lap Knowles stopped and dropped back into the Australian pack, which he explained afterwards.

“It means as much or more to me than what I’ve been able to achieve on the field,” Knowles said about being Flag Bearer.

“To hear the roar when it was announced the other night, to feel the vibe around the village from the athletes, it’s been pretty amazing.

“My little thank you was to drop back into the pack and let the athletes go forward. I thought it was a nice way to be a team player.

“I don’t need to stand at the front. Hopefully they enjoyed that.”

Knowles said the experience to lead his country was amazing in front of a packed parochial crowd on the Gold Coast.

“It was amazing,” he said.

“To feel the vibe leading into the stadium was pretty amazing.

“To actually hold the flag up and feel the love from the 400-odd behind me was amazing.

“Thank you to all the team who embraced it tonight.”

The world number one Kookaburras will be out to retain their perfect gold medal record at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast where they head in as favourites.

Australia’s first match is against South Africa on Saturday 7 April from 4.30pm AEST.



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