In their own words | 11 April



Compiled by Deanna Yourell


We’ve kept our ears to the ground and brought you the most quotable quotes from the last 24 hours. Here’s today’s action through the voices of those who matter most:


Table tennis player Heming Hu on his expectations going into this match:


“We expected a tough match from Vanuatu. We definitely thought we were the favourites and it’s great to come away with the win.”


Beach volleyball player Damien Schumann talks about his partnership with Christopher McHugh and preparing for the gold medal match on Thursday (12 April):


“We see each other more than our partners, we’ve been through a lot of tough times on the (FIVB) World Tour. Everybody sees the glamorous end result but not the hard work that goes into it.

“There’s been a lot of nervous, sleepless nights, and tonight will be no different. We’ll give it our best crack tomorrow. Whoever we play is going to be world class.”


Bowler Kelsey Cottrell talks about her performance in the doubles in comparison to previous matches:


“On paper it was always going to be our hardest match – they are strong players, but luckily we got off to a bit of a good start.

“At the start, I didn’t feel confident, but probably after about eight or nine ends was the turning point.

“There was a bit more on the line. It was important to get that one and top the section – probably a psychological thing.”


Bowler Karen Murphy describes the win:


“I am quite sedate at the minute. It was great to have a good hard hit out.

“I reckon it was from the second or third end – about a third of the way through the game – when we got going, and then we really got going.”


Swimmer Mitch Larkin on winning gold, his five-gold haul and his individual medley future:


“I couldn’t have asked for anything more than these guys tonight. You couldn’t ask for three guys that would leave nothing in the pool when they need to. It was close, but Kyle (Chalmers) is a fantastic swimmer and dug deep. It was close, it was awesome and he got his hand on the wall and we couldn’t have asked for a better finish.

“It’s one thing to look ahead, to work out there is potential for five good swims and maybe five medals and to do that was unreal and to do five golds was incredible.

“I don’t think it will sink in for a little while, coming into this meet I wanted to get the old Mitch (Larkin) back and I think I did that well and truly, I have gone beyond that.

“We will have to wait and see, I love it, it’s a good event. I love it just as much as the 200 backstroke, obviously that’s still my baby.

“I think I’ll swim it at Pan Pacs (2018 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships), if it does clash, I might step down from it.”


Basketball player Brad Newley compares the current team to the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games team and talks about relocating to the athlete’s village:


“It was a little different in ’06; we then played some weaker games, this time some tougher games. So I think we’re a bit better prepared for the finals this time around. Back in ’06 I was more fresh-faced and here I am, 12 years later, still really happy to be involved.

“Winning has become a good habit for us. It would be great if we can carry that over from here and into the future.

“It’s great, you do feel more a part of it (the village). Up in Cairns it was great, the people were good to us. If anything it was probably a bit easier for us, like getting to and from venues. But we have to adjust to things, like playing in the mornings (after playing mostly at night in Cairns).”


Hockey player Edwina Bone on the semifinal against rival India on Thursday 12 April, India’s playing style and goalkeeper Rachael Lynch’s return:


“We haven’t played them for over a year so we have some homework to do on them. I’m confident that if we do everything as we have for our previous matches, we will be able to get the job done.”

“They have a very aggressive style of hockey. They attack with their forwards and their defence hold back. They love the hard balls into the circle.”

“We haven’t had a goal scored against us yet, so that’s definitely a bonus. She’s (Lynch) done a really good job. I’m definitely happy to have her in the net behind us.”


Badminton player Renuga Veeran talks about the loss to Singapore on Wednesday and advice from her husband about competing in another Commonwealth Games:


“They are young but we have more experience moving them around. We had some unforced errors and we got tired. You can tell they were cranking it in the second set especially. Technique-wise, they didn’t kill us, they were just moving us around.”

“My husband said just go in there and show them you’re not old. Show them you’ve still got it.”


Diver Maddison Keeney reflects on the technical issues with the scoring:


“I wouldn’t know where to start really. It was all over the shop for everyone with all the delays and technical stuff going on. I think it was an interesting day for everyone, I don’t think anyone could say they dived well. We’ve come out the other end having a good laugh.”


Diver Anabelle Smith elaborates on their preparation for the three metre synchronised diving on Wednesday:


“I’m really proud of Maddy (Keeney). She didn’t train much at all but she’s the kind of person who can put that aside and just go out and dive. It is disappointing because we’ve been training well with the little preparation we’ve had but at the end of the day this isn’t our major goal in the next four years, Tokyo (2020 Olympics) is. In a couple of weeks’ time we probably won’t remember this, strong divers that we are.”


Boxer Anja Stridsman reflects on her performance and her socks:


“It was a bit scrappy, I didn’t use my feet enough and struggled to get that range and timing, but it was a good, tough fight to start with.

“I am recovering from an ACL injury five months ago and that felt really good and went really well today.

“I was wearing my ice cream socks today for the fight.”


Squash player Sarah Cardwell on preparations for the next match:


“We are now in the position that they were and need to win tonight 2-0. We will go and debrief and learn from that match.”


Table tennis player Melissa Tapper on her performance on Wednesday and her next opponent:


“It’s my first match for the day so it’s good to get that one out of the way. In the first set, Felicity played really well actually and wasn’t missing many balls, so I had to really try and step it up in the second and third set to make sure I could start playing some good table tennis.

“I’ll have a girl from Papua New Guinea. I played her last year in Fiji. It will be the same as every other match. Just go in and try and win one point at a time and go from there.”


Table tennis player Barak Mizrachi describes his performance on Wednesday and his thoughts going into Thursday’s match:


‘It was good to get a win. I lost yesterday, so it was great to rebound today. It was nice to have a crowd watching me on the match courts.”

“It will be tough. I just have to back myself. (Theo) Coggill is a left-hander like me, so that suits my game.”


Table tennis player Miao Miao reflects on regrouping after the disappointment of the women’s team loss in the bronze medal match:


“I think it’s a pretty tough moment for me. There’s a lot of pressure on the team event and so we were disappointed we lost the bronze medal. We actually played OK, we played well and then just lost.”


Athlete Alexandra Hulley on finishing with silver ahead of her teammate (Nielsen):


“I think it’s awesome that we’re both on the podium together because we’ve both worked hard over the last few years. It’s just great to see both of us succeed.”


Athlete Lara Nielsen on her bronze medal performance:


“It’s absolutely nuts. I don’t think either of us (Hulley) really expected to place or to medal, so to be here together is amazing.”

“A lot of cards fell in our favour. We were the ones who went out on the day and nailed our first few throws and got a good position. Lucky us.”



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