In their own words

Compiled by Deanna Yourell


We’ve kept our ears to the ground and brought you the most quotable quotes from the last 24 hours. Here’s today’s action through the voices of those who matter most:


Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Chairman Peter Beattie on the growing parity at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games:


“There are 133 women’s and 133 men’s events and nine mixed open events, for example in shooting and lawn bowls. That is why we are very proud of this.

“The power of women’s sport is growing significantly. Women’s sports sells.”


Cyclist Matt Glaetzer (AUS) speaks about the contributions of his late coach Gary West (AUS):


“He was a great member of our team and it’s awesome not to forget who’s contributed to your journey.

“He dedicated so much of his life to sprint cycling and to the athletes in the squad. It means a lot for us to keep progressing in the sport.”


Beach Volleyballer Chris McHugh (AUS) describes the men’s Beach Volleyball team’s playing style:


“Our style is a lot less of the ‘chess’ other countries play. Our style is fun, it’s dynamic, and it’s all about mateship, working for the other guy.

“For us it’s about really showing the Aussie spirit and the way Australians want to play any sport, but particularly beach volleyball on the men’s side.”


Kookaburras’ captain Mark Knowles (AUS) on being chosen as flagbearer:


“This one is pretty amazing. It’s different because of the individual aspect of the honour. I know it’s pretty amazing for the sport of hockey and I know I wouldn’t be in this place if hockey people and hockey teams before me hadn’t been so successful as well.”


Diver Melissa Wu (AUS) talks about the retirement of synchronised diving partner Taneka Kovchenko (AUS):


“This is only the beginning of what you will continue to achieve in life. Thanks for being such a great team-mate and for always inspiring me to get the best out of myself.

“You’re one of the strongest people I know and I admire your courage and determination so much.”


Netballer Susan Pettitt on competing in her third games:


“I am the oldest in the team (at 34). I am the veteran but I’m calling it ‘experienced’.

“Two years ago I didn’t think I’d have a chance at this. For me to be back here gives me goosebumps.

“I didn’t give up on that dream.”


Triathlete Jacob Birtwhistle (AUS) discusses the quality of the field at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games:


“Triathlon is one of the biggest sports that is dominated by Commonwealth athletes. This week will be world-class racing obviously making it tough but also very exciting.”


Australian Boomers head coach Andrej Lemanis (AUS) talks about the spirit of the team:


“There is a core group that has gone through the FIBA World Cup qualification process, and we won the Asia Cup in July last year, so every time we get together with this group it’s just so refreshing with the attitude of doing what’s in the best interests of the team – sacrificing for one another, playing with the mateship that is representative of the Australian spirit.”


Athlete Matthew Denny (AUS) on his pursuit of a double medal in discus and hammer throw:


“We’re in unexplored territory doing this double. I enjoy the fact I can throw personal bests in both events to break from the norm.

“It’s the first event (hammer final) to kick off the excitement in Carrara Stadium. If you can harness it the right way, it can create special moments.”


Gymnast Michael Tone (AUS) talks about the Australian gymnastics team and goals for his first Commonwealth Games experience:


“We all get along really well. We’ve been training and competing with each other for years. The support between us is great and I can’t wait to compete with the guys.

“I’d like to have a team medal. I think we have a decent shot at that. Individually, I’d like to make the pommel final.”


Shooter Bruce Quick (AUS) reflects on what may be his last Commonwealth Games:


“If I finish on 14 medals (with no medal at Gold Coast 2018), well, it’s not a bad record. I have competed in 25 events and won medals in 14 – it’s a batting average in the 60s and I’m happy with that.”


Table Tennis player Melissa Tapper (AUS) talks about the inclusion of able-bodied and para-sports in the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games:


“It’s great that the Gold Coast (Games) is leading the way with inclusivity. I have been quite lucky to spend time with able-bods and Paras (athletes), but now to be able to hang out with them together in one event, it’s so good.”



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