Jackaroo Double Trouble

Image: Getty Images (Bob Seymour; Lynne Seymour; Jake Fehlberg; Grant Fehlberg)


By Aidan Davis


Australia’s Vision-Impaired Mixed Pairs team of Lynne Seymour (Director Bob Seymour) and Jake Fehlberg (Director Grant Fehlberg) have secured Australia’s second gold medal of the GC2018 bowls competition.


The contingent toppled the defending champion from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, South Africa, to add to the nation’s medal tally tonight with a stunning 12-9 victory.

The Jackaroos broke away to a 9-1 lead after the opening six ends, before South Africa mounted their comeback which saw them get within two shots on the final end, with Australia collecting one and sealing the coveted golden medallion.

Lead Lynne Seymour said she’d put her own spin on the post-medal celebrations.

“I don’t know what the boys are going to do, but I’m going home to have a cup of tea.”

Her director and husband Bob didn’t see the win coming.

“I never thought we would be anywhere near that standard. Once we found out Lynne was blind, we thought that was the end of it. And then we found out about visually impaired bowls.”

Bowls Australia CEO Neil Dalrymple made the presentation of the gold medals to the Jackaroos team, with the contingent’s ledger now struck at two gold and one silver medal, with a further silver guaranteed at a minimum after the bowlers with a disability open triples progressed to today’s final.



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