Louise Bawden – Training & Team Selection


GC2018 is just under six months away - has your training ramped up?

I have just landed back in Australia following three weeks in Asia for competition! It was a great trip and we got the opportunity to work on our game which will help us to continue to grow towards GC2018

What keeps you motivated?

I really enjoy the athlete lifestyle. It is great that I can combine my natural interests into my job as a sports professional. I also love the excitement of travel and competition.

Do you have a mentor?

I have been so fortunate to have many amazing people invest in me over the course of my career – I’m reluctant to name just one! Those people have definitely made an impact on me by keeping me sane, confident and clear headed about what I am setting out to achieve.

Team selection for each sport has a different process - what events do you have left, to secure an Australian team nomination?

Beach volleyball will stage several tournaments over the Australian summer to assist in the selection process for GC2018

Have you had any setbacks over the past six months?

Unfortunately, my most recent results in competition were not as good as I would expect. I definitely need to address a few things and in doing so I am sure I will be able to improve my level of performance. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.



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