McGregor signs on for ‘dream job’

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Following 12-months of dramatic development, 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games Rugby star Page McGregor has signed her first professional contract.

A gold medal at the Bahamas 2017 Games and a World Series debut in Dubai, McGregor successfully caught the eye of Coach Tim Walsh.

Now, the rising star has signed a contract for her ‘dream job’ that will see her compete for a coveted spot in the Sydney Sevens squad, with the series starting Australia Day.

“Page is an amazing young talent with a lot of raw potential within the game,” Walsh said.

“She’s as tough as they come, a pocket rocket as tough as nails.”

“I can’t wait to see her mature as a professional player in the next few years,” Walsh said.

Although the 18-year-old’s immediate goal is Sydney Sevens, a home Commonwealth Games in April is also on her radar.

“To play any game at home, in front of friends and family, is special,’’ she told The Daily Telegraph.

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  10. Page McGregor, 1 cap, Macquarie University


McGregor at 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas



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