Murphy ready for oath honour


Five-time Commonwealth Games representative Karen Murphy says a rehearsal has impressed on her the magnitude of her role in reciting the athlete’s oath at tomorrow’s opening ceremony.

Murphy was named the oath reader at last night’s Australian team reception.

“I think if I hadn’t realised the enormity of it, I certainly did when I got to rehearsal,” Murphy said.

“Lisa Alexander [who will read the coach’s oath] and I walked in and I think our mouths just opened and we were blown away.”

Murphy says the honour came as a complete surprise.

“It was very much a shock and I didn’t know until my name was read out last night. It was a big honour.”

“I think the biggest thing not just for me but for us as a sport – it’s huge to be recognised. We’re certainly not a high-profile sport so it will certainly add a bit of profile for our sport and a bit of recognition. I’m very proud for the sport.”

The rehearsal helped Murphy to steady her nerves ahead of the ceremony.

“We [Murphy and Alexander] were a bit nervous to start with but now that we know what we’re up to I think we can go out and enjoy it tomorrow night and really soak it up.”

“I’m really excited for everyone too because I think the opening ceremony is going to be awesome.”

“Now that we know what we’re up to and where we go and what to say I feel a lot more comfortable about it and obviously very proud to be up there in front of every athlete taking the oath.”





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