National Sporting Agenda Announcement


Today’s launch of the Australian Government’s Sport 2030 plan, new-look national sporting body, Sport Australia, forms part of an agenda to make Australia the most active sporting country in the world.

The national sport plan was unveiled today by the Minister for Sport, Bridget McKenzie, during a National Press Club event and positioned as the Government’s long-term strategy for sport and activity to 2030.

Responsible for leading the implementation of Sport 2030 and promoting sports and activity across Australia is Sport Australia, the new community-facing brand for the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), a Commonwealth entity sitting within the Department of Health. This will also be supported by a wide-reaching marketing effort and new initiative under the moniker, ‘Move it’.

Sport 2030 is aimed at encouraging more Australians to partake more regularly in a wide variety of exercise and movement activities in order to improve the overall health and well-being of the nation. It is based on four key pillars: Participation, high performance, supporting integrity, and strengthening Australia’s sporting industry.

During her speech, Minister McKenzie highlighted the strong role sports plays in Australia’s cultural identity locally and abroad. She noted 14 million Australians participate in sports of some kind, 1.8 million volunteer in sports, and 220,000 people are directly employed in the sports sector.

Sport Australia, working alongside high performance leader the AIS, will also provide a coordinated approach to sport from grassroots participation to international competition. Sport Australia’s expanded vision will also include an enhanced role to increase physical activity more broadly.

Sport Australia Chair John Wylie welcomed the release of Sport 2030, stating it “provides a roadmap for future success for sport in this country”.

“Sport Australia will lead the implementation of Sport 2030, to create an even better and more successful national sports sector,” Wylie said. “If we get it right we know that in 2030 sport will continue to be a key point of national pride, our Olympic and Paralympic teams and national sporting teams will continue to achieve podium success and our athletes and their journeys will be a source of inspiration for the next generations.

“Our goal is for Australia to be a healthy and successful sporting nation, known for our integrity, vibrant participation base, thriving sports organisations and world-leading sports industry, as well as our elite competitive results.

“There is no doubting the opportunity for Australia. This plan and its implementation will give us a strong basis for long term success.”

Sport Australia CEO, Kate Palmer, said Sport Australia would release more details of its strategy in coming weeks and months, aligned with Sport 2030. This will include the AIS outlining its strategy to lead Australia’s high performance system.

Sport Australia’s strategy will involve three key themes:

  • More Australians moving more often
  • Building the capability of sport to create a robust, connected industry
  • National pride and inspiration through international sporting success



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