Ryan, Krstic Claim Pairs Gold with Dramatic Extra End Win

Steve Jancetic / AAP News


In a thrilling extra end finish, the Jackaroos pair have staged a thrilling comeback to capture the squad’s second gold medal of Birmingham 2022.

Australian pair Ellen Ryan and Kristina Krstic have launched a monumental comeback to take gold in a thrilling women’s pairs Commonwealth Games final in Birmingham.

The Saturday morning win also broke Friday’s gold medal drought for the Australian Games team.

The match was forced into an extra end after the two teams could not be separated in the regulation 18 ends, with England’s Amy Pharaoh’s drive with her final bowl denying the Australians the win.

The extra end was going England’s way before Ryan busted the contest open as the jack squeezed out to the side.

With England holding the gold medal bowl, Ryan launched a last-ditch drive to perfection to give Australia the gold, Ryan adding the pairs title to the singles gold won earlier in the week.

With England up by one heading into the final end of regulation, Krstic opened brilliantly before Ryan capitalised to give Australia a two-bowl advantage, which would have been enough to secure gold.

But with her final bowl, Amy Pharaoh knocked one of the Australian bowls out of play to force and extra end, with the scores tied at 18-all after 18 ends.

The Australians found themselves in an early hole down 11-2 after just six ends, but Krstic and Ryan dragged themselves back into the contest, scoring on six of the following seven ends to take a 16-12 lead.

The 13th end proved particularly unlucky for the English when down by two, Pharaoh’s drive went awry to turn it into a four-bowl end for Australia.

England returned with a four-bowl end of their own to have it locked up with four ends to go to set up an epic finish.



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