Street Squash a hit


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the global sporting landscape, one of our partner sports which has adapted to the new challenges has been the sport of squash.

Launching a new program called “Street Squash”, Squash Australia is encouraging squash players and fans to continue playing the sport anywhere and anytime.

The program has seen squash players from across the country continue to hone their skills by grabbing their racquets and ball to play in their backyards and in their streets, embracing walls around their communities as makeshift squash courts.


But Squash Australia wants to get everyone involved with the sport of squash by offering the “paddle pack”, giving anyone the opportunity to play squash at home.

The pack sees you receive two paddles and two softballs for the special price of $8 (plus postage):

Designed to give you the equipment needed to get a start with a new sport, and you can make your own “street squash” moment.

As many of the 450 Squash Australia affiliated clubs and centres face significant challenges in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, the opportunity to continue to play the sport they love has provided some welcomed relief to many squash fans.

These fans have taken the love of their sport to the next level by filming their own street squash moments celebrating the ways they are adapting to the unprecedented challenges and still playing the sport they love, and showcasing their inventive ways by posting the videos to social media.


Across the past four weeks, Squash Australia has produced 24 “Street Squash” videos which have appeared across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter growing the sport in a new way and reaching new audiences. With videos ranging from kids as young as six to players as old as 50 all sharing their videos of them playing the sport they love.

Now is the time to order you Squash Australia “paddle pack” and go about submitting your own “Street Squash” video!

Head to Squash Australia’s website for the full terms and conditions of the new program:



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