Whether you watch or play sport, research shows you're more likely to be healthier and happier

According to research by experts at Happify, sport can reduce stress and release endorphins.

Here’s five reasons why:

1| Research from Oregon State University suggests that we enjoy watching sports more when we know the player’s backstories and have someone to support

2| Being totally ‘in the zone’ when watching or playing sport is what’s most satisfying in an activity and is known as, ‘flow’

3| Studies consistently show, people who call themselves sports fans tend to have lower rates of depression, less stress and higher self-esteem than non-sports-fans

4| According to Daniel Wann, Ph.D. sport creates opportunities for social bonding. It can lead to close friendships and the feeling you’re part of a community

5| Psychologists say that for fans, watching sports games triggers the release of the feel good brain chemical dopamine


So, find a sport you love, get behind an athlete and follow their journey.

We’ll get you started..


Beach Volleyball

First Indigenous female to represent Australia in the Olympics. Teaming up with triple Olympian Louise Bawden, the pair are force to be reckoned with.

Twitter: @taliquaclancy
nstagram: @taliqua


Track & Field

The 6 ft 5 in Australian athlete specialises in the discus throw & occasionally competes in the hammer throw.

Twitter: @MatthewDenny
Instagram: @MattyDenny


Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medallist – lightweight


Twitter: @Shelley__watts
nstagram: @Shelleywatts_boxer




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