Cam Pilley: Training & Team Selection Update


GC2018 is just six months away - has your training ramped up?

I have certainly had GC2018 on my mind over the past few months, knowing that it is fast approaching. The last 3 months I’ve managed to put together a great off season block of training which should hold me in good stead as we approach the Games. I have also put more focus on my doubles game. With my partner Ryan Cuskelly, we managed to win the World Doubles Championships in August, so things have been progressing well.

What keeps you motivated?

In general terms, I find being disciplined in my day to day training is the most important. I love competing, so doing the right things and hard work in training should take care of my results. Then as the Games approach, knowing that you’ll be representing your country, it will add that extra intensity in training.

Do you have a mentor?

I don’t really have a mentor but I do love watching top athletes perform in their respective sports. I like seeing how they respond to different pressure situations and how they carry themselves. Growing up, my favourite sportsmen were those more laid back characters. Mark Waugh in cricket and Gustavo Kuerten in Tennis were 2 of my favourites.

Team selection for each sport has a different process - what events do you have left to secure an Australian team nomination?

We have finished our team selection events, so now it is in the hands of the selectors. I feel I have performed quite well at some major events on the squash calendar over the past season, so fingers crossed.

Have you had any setbacks over the past six months?

My season finished in May, and I really only had to sort out some small niggles from the grind of the season, but that was it. Since then I have managed to put together a solid off season stint and am getting ready to play tournaments again next month. Although, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately as my wife just had our first child – I wouldn’t call it a setback though!





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