Cikamatana dominates in weightlifting

Roger Vaughan / AAP News


The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medallist has defended her title, this time while wearing the green and gold.


Australian weightlifter Eileen Cikamatana has made Commonwealth Games history, becoming the first woman to win gold medals for two countries.

The 22-year-old dominated the 87kg on Tuesday, setting Games records in the snatch, clean and jerk and overall for Australia’s first gold medal in weightlifting at the Birmingham Games.

She also won the 90kg category four years ago for Fiji on the Gold Coast.

Cikamatana then switched countries because of a dispute with the national weightlifting governing body.

She set a Games record of 110kg with her second attempt in the snatch, giving Cikamatana a commanding 9kg lead.

She then took the overall lead with her first clean and jerk attempt of 129kg.

Cikamatana’s second lift of 137kg won the gold medal, as well as setting the clean and jerk and overall Games records as well.

She capped her outstanding win with a third lift of 145kg, giving the Australian a total of 255kg.

Canadian Kristel Ng arlem won silver with 236kg and Nigerian Mary Osojo took bronze with here total of 225kg.

On Monday, fellow Australians Kyle Bruce and Sarah Cochrane won weightlifting silver.

Earlier on Tuesday, compatriot Ebony Gorincu was left frustrated after an eventful morning only gave her sixth place in the 76kg class.

Ridge Barredo overcame a hip injury to finish fifth in the men’s 96kg class.

Gorincu, 32, a former athletics sprinter and bobsledder, managed just one successful lift in the 76kg clean and jerk.

But the judges scrutinised her first lift of 113kg for several minutes before giving it the all-clear.

Gorincu then tried 119kg, but when the bar landed awkwardly on her chest in the clean movement, she had to drop the weight before quickly loosening her belt because of dizziness.

A doctor briefly checked on the Australian, who was unhurt.

Gorincu then failed with her third and final lift, also at 119kg, for a total of 206 kg after reaching 93kg in the snatch.

Cana dian Maya Laylor set a Games record of 226kg to win the gold medal.

Barredo competed eight weeks after a hip injury almost ended his Games campaign.

He lifted a total of 316kg as Samoan Don Opeloge set a Games record of 381.



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