Commonwealth Day 2022


The countries and territories of the Commonwealth celebrate Commonwealth Day today to renew our friendship and provides a chance for us to reflect on our shared values.

Commonwealth Day is celebrated every year by the Commonwealth countries and territories on the second Monday in March, as the Commonwealth comes together to renew our friendship, learn from our differences and celebrate our successes.

This year the theme for the 2022 Commonwealth Day celebrations is ‘delivering a common future’.

This theme highlights how the member countries in the Commonwealth family are ‘innovating, connecting and transforming’ to help achieve some of its biggest goals, like protecting natural resources and boosting trade.

It was chosen because Commonwealth countries are connected by deep-rooted networks of friendship and goodwill.

The countries and people of the Commonwealth tackle climate change and its impacts. Work to find sustainable ways of using the natural resources of our planet, its land and ocean, so that our environment is protected.

Commonwealth Day takes on another level of excitement this year as the countdown to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games continues.

Birmingham 2022 will shine a light on this vibrant corner of the Commonwealth and work to improve health and wellbeing.

This is an event that will help the West Midlands to grow and succeed, be a catalyst for change, and foster the spirit of friendship, athleticism and competition.

This is a Games for everyone, a level playing field for men and women with a fully integrated para-sports programme, and a huge emphasis on the Commonwealth’s youth.

There is no better stage to showcase the world’s most inclusive, fair and progressive multi-sport event.

Birmingham 2022 has unveiled the biggest ever sports programme in Commonwealth Games history, with 286 sessions across 11 days of live sport that will celebrate the Commonwealth.




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