Commonwealth Games Australia welcomes the appointment of the new Federal Minister for Sport, the Hon Anika Wells MP


The new Federal Minister for Sport begins at the start of the decade-long Green and Gold runway for sport in Australia including the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games.


Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) welcomes the appointment of the Hon Anika Wells MP as the new Federal Minister for Sport at the critical start of the decade-long Green and Gold runway for sport in Australia.

Commonwealth Games Australia President Ben Houston said CGA was looking forward to working with Minister Wells and her Federal Parliamentary colleagues in crafting the new investment model for sport in Australia – one that will deliver generational change for the nation.

“Australia stands on the cusp of the greatest emersion in and exposure to international sport that this country has ever seen.

“Much has been said about the 10-year Green and Gold runway of international sporting events coming to Australia, which includes the:

  • 2022 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup;
  • 2022 FINA World Swimming Championships (25m);
  • 2022 UCI Road World Championships;
  • 2023 World Bowls Championships;
  • 2023 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup;
  • 2026 UCI BMX World Championships;
  • 2026 Victoria Commonwealth Games;
  • 2027 and 2029 Rugby World Cup; and
  • 2027 Netball World Cup.

“But for the 13 million Australians who participate in Commonwealth and Olympic sports, the Green and Gold runway was supercharged by the International Olympic Committee’s decision to award the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games to Brisbane and then accelerated on 11 April this year when the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) awarded the 2026 Commonwealth Games to CGA and the Victorian Government.

“A home Games will provide immeasurable benefits for our Member Sports and will inspire our athletes in what will be a unique and exciting Games.

“But, more than that, Victoria 2026 will play a key role in the development of Australian sport at all levels.”

Mr Houston highlighted the importance of the work CGA has undertaken and continues to undertake with the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) in developing a long-term vision of how sport can power Australia’s future has been outlined in the Sport: Powering Australia’s Future (10+10) submission to the Federal Government’s 2021 Intergenerational Report (the 10+10 Submission).


Australia’s Commonwealth Games and Olympic sports have joined forces to unveil a significant national long-term vision of how sport can help power Australia’s future.

Mr Houston said that CGA had, along with the AOC, enjoyed a very productive relationship with former Shadow Sport Minister, Senator Don Farrell and looked forward to this productive collaboration continuing with Minister Wells.

“The 10+10 Submission is the blueprint for how sport investment in this country must be shaped for the next 20 years – it redefines the role of sport in public policy from that of being a “feel good” portfolio to a critical fiscal contributor.

“CGA is also incredibly excited by what we see as a perfect alignment with new Treasurer Dr Chalmers’ comments about the importance of the Intergenerational Report (IGR) process and how it must be reformed to drive the longer-term thinking necessary to ensure our economy and society are stronger after COVID than before.

“The 10+10 Submission was deliberately crafted, not to recycle problems, but to provide a blueprint for how sport can create a new generation of growth and more opportunities for more Australians in more parts of the country with a specific emphasis on driving generational change through sport across multiple portfolios within Government.”

Mr Houston said that sport cannot deliver generational outcomes under the existing Federal funding model, which is plagued by short-termism, sets sports against one another in an annual funding contest and does not allow for longer term strategic business planning.

“Essentially, the role of sport in Australia has languished through a lack of vision,” he said.

“Only the 10+10 Submission crafted by CGA and the AOC provides an industry wide reform plan for sport in the context of a modernised IGR framework – one capable of delivering generational change across multiple portfolio areas and providing return on investment across two decades (10+10).”

Victoria 2026 will be the accelerator to supercharge these unique opportunities in Victoria and the whole country for the next 20 years.

Commonwealth Games Australia is tremendously excited by these opportunities.

The Green and Gold runway of the next 10 years is a unique generational gift – one that may never repeat itself in our lifetimes and it must not be squandered.



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