First Among Equals strategy plan updated and released


Commonwealth Games Australia has released its updated FIRST AMONG EQUALS 2019-2026 strategic plan.

The initial plan was released in 2016 and covered an organisational reset in the lead-up to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The first iteration was developed following the independent organisational review of the Australian Commonwealth Games Association (now Commonwealth Games Australia – CGA) in 2015/16.

Commonwealth Games Australia President Ben Houston said it was necessary to take another fresh look at the organisation post the successful Gold Coast campaign.

“The aim of the first iteration was to ensure the organisation was ideally positioned to take advantage of all opportunities presented, both in the lead up to the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, and beyond,” Houston said.

“The initial strategy focused on the governance structure and resources and also was highlighted by the launch of the new brand and commercial and community engagement strategy which combined to deliver fundamental change for CGA. These changes provided the ‘foundation stones’ for the member centric, values-led organisation and the platform for the next phase for the CGA.”

Following the success of the Gold Coast Games a new board was elected and long serving CGA President Sam Coffa retired after more than 30 years of service to the organisation.

CGA’s new Board, with Houston elected President, was formed in November 2018 and determined the need to undertake a review of the 2016-2022 plan in order to optimally position CGA and the broader Commonwealth Games Movement in Australia and internationally.

“Our aim is to ensure that the organisation remains relevant to its members and stakeholders, following a period of change in the sports sector and CGA reforms,” Houston says.

Creating the best strategic plan to ensure CGA gets to where it should be by 2022 (and beyond) has taken careful thought, as well as time and contributions from a wide range of key CGA stakeholders.

FIRST AMONG EQUALS 2019-2026 has been developed to:

  • Provide vision and direction
  • Guide CGA’s future growth and capacity
  • Inform CGA partners of our aspirations
  • Encourage coordination, cooperation and collaboration
  • Ensure CGA’s continued relevance within the Commonwealth Games movement and the broader Australian sporting ecosystem
  • Ensure the successful and sustainable future of CGA, in what is a rapidly changing Australian and International sporting landscape
  • Achieve our goal of being #1 in the Commonwealth

“I want to sincerely thank our members and stakeholders for their valuable contribution,” Houston said.

“We will work in collaboration with other peak bodies and high-performance system partners such as Sport Australia, Paralympics Australia, the Australian Olympic Committee and the National Institute Network, with Governments, universities and schools, and of course, the Commonwealth Games Associations of other nations from across the Commonwealth. Together, we are the CGA community and guided by FIRST AMONG EQUALS 2019-2026 and our combined passion, we will achieve great things,”

FIRST AMONG EQUALS 2019-2026 Strategic Plan

Commonwealth Games Australia has released its updated FIRST AMONG EQUALS 2019-2026 strategic plan. Click the button to the right to read.

Strategic Plan



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