In their own words | 14 April



Compiled by Christina Hansen and Deanna Yourell


We’ve kept our ears to the ground and brought you the most quotable quotes from the last 24 hours. Here’s today’s action through the voices of those who matter most:


Diver Esther Qin talks about her performance going into Saturday’s finals:


“I was pretty happy with my morning performance. It was pretty consistent, and I hope I can keep that up until the end.”


Basketball player Jesse Wagstaff talks about the Australian team and their defence intensity:


“We really go 12 deep and that’s the beauty. We play pretty up tempo and it takes a lot out of you, so we’ve got 12 and we rotate them through and no one’s playing 35 minutes.

“I think that’s what we’re priding ourselves on is that defensive intensity. And I think it was there for the most part today. Obviously, you have lapses, but when it works, it looks good and feels good.”


Cyclist Chloe Hosking on her teammates:


“I wish all six of the girls could have ‘Commonwealth Games winner’ on their CV. Road cycling is such a cruel sport.

“I really couldn’t have won without them.”


Boxer Anja Stridsman describes how it feels to win, her support network and her ACL injury:


“I was imagining it before-hand, how happy I would be. This whole experience has been so special and the last two fights have been extra special. I thought I’ve just got to enjoy this – I’m going to remember this forever.

“All of my Australian friends, my coach and my teammates have been there through this whole journey.

“It was a really rocky road. Every time I had thoughts about giving up, I just kept fighting.”


Squash player Zac Alexander on his performance and playing infront of a home crowd:


“I just wanted to relax and enjoy it. Every day I stepped on court the last couple of days, I thought, ‘this could be my last match’. So, I just wanted to make the most of it.

“That’s the best crowd I’ve played in front of. That’s like the third player on our team essentially.”


Squash Player David Palmer talks about playing in a gold medal match and the possibility of a seventh Commonwealth Games at Birmingham 2022:


“My goal was to win a medal and to try to help Zac win his first one, and now that we’re guaranteed one, it’s is a good feeling.

“No, this is it. I think my wife would kill me if I signed up for another one. I wanted one more taste of it and I can’t wait for tomorrow.”


Boxer Jason Whateley reflects on missing out on a gold medal and Australia’s overall boxing performance:


“Obviously I’m very disappointed. The fight didn’t go the way I wanted. I kept my composure throughout so it’s just a shame about the outcome.

“It’s been really good and that’s why this result is hard for me to take. I’ll sit down with my coach now and decide what’s best for me to do next.”


Athlete Hamish Peacock talks about his performance and future plans:


“I haven’t been feeling that well this season, so to come in second in a big event like this at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, with a throw of 82m (82.59), is a good result.

“My family is in the crowd, it’s a massive atmosphere in here. I feel so well supported. I’ll be back for Birmingham (2022 Commonwealth Games), no doubt.”


Cyclist Steele von Hoff on winning gold less than two months after sustaining a serious back injury (he broke six vertebrae in a crash in Melbourne in February):


“I don’t think I’ve absorbed it yet, but I will later on tonight.

“Six days after the crash I started training again on a recumbent (training lying down). I just wanted to get my legs spinning.

“And then I thought, I have seven weeks until the Games so I’d better start training (properly). I started doing double sessions on the ergo (exercise bike) and started doing some work on a proper bike. I got lots of massages to get me back into good form.”


Athlete Nicola McDermott discusses jumping a personal best of 1.91m and her expectations coming into the competition:


“I was very determined. I wanted a personal best and I rose to the occasion. I got to 1.93m and I really thought I could get it, but it was a great experience jumping higher.

“In my heart I knew if I got a personal best I could be up there. So, I said to myself, ‘don’t stop until you’re up in the gold position’, but to land the bronze is like aiming for the moon and getting among the stars. I got a personal best and I’m on the podium, I can’t complain about that.”


Bowler Aaron Wilson on standing atop the podium to receive his medal:


“When you represent Australia, you’re representing every man and woman in Australia … and getting a gold. There’s no better feeling than that.”


Diver Georgia Sheehan reflects on winning her second medal of the games:


“It’s a really nice feeling and I think that was more of (a reflection on) putting in all the work behind the scenes in the off-season. It’s really paid off. It was a real struggle to get here and to get this result was really exciting.”


Athlete Matt Denny on what he will do now his Games are over:


“I’ll enjoy what this is now and celebrate (the silver medal) with family and friends. I’m pretty excited because I know I’m in good form. I know I can get 65 or 66 (metres) and I’m excited to see how far I can go. I’m keen to see what I can do in the European season and hopefully get into the (2018 IAAF) Continental Cup.”


Boxer Clay Waterman discusses his performance and future plans:


“I thought I did enough in the first two rounds but I let him have the last round. I left it up to the judges and you can’t leave it up to them. It’s not the result I was wanting but I will have to take it on the chin.

“I will take a good break, as it has been intense since Christmas. Then I will focus on the world championships and then 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as I missed Rio 2016 due to breaking my hand.”


Basketball player Cayla George reflects on her 18-point performance and playing on a star-studded team:


“Tonight I scored a few threes – cool. But essentially, if I didn’t score them and we still won, I’d still be just as happy.

“That’s the beauty of playing with an amazing bunch of girls. We’ve had a really good legacy over the last two decades and being part of this Opals legacy has been absolutely amazing.”


Diver Domonic Bedggood on winning two bronze medals in one day:


“This is a very new event for me. This is something we are really striving for in order to potentially qualify a team for Tokyo.”


Diver Matthew Carter talks about his growth during this event:


“I’m stoked. Like Dom (Bedggood) said, this is a new partnership. Obviously, it’s gone pretty well and we are very happy with it.”


Athlete Nina Kennedy describes her bronze medal performance, the competition and her focus:


“That was everything I dreamed of – it was amazing.”

“Coming into this competition I was ranked fourth (in the Commonwealth). It is such a high standard of competition this year, and I was happy to be part of it.”

“I had to be focused for this competition. Normally I’m not like that, but I had a job today and I just went and did it.”



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