Joint Statement On Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games


The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), Commonwealth Games Federation Partnerships (CGFP), Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) and the State of Victoria have settled all their disputes regarding the cancellation of the multi-hub regional Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games.

In July 2023 the Victorian Government announced its decision to withdraw from hosting the 2026 Games.

Following that decision, the affected parties have been involved in confidential good faith negotiations.

The parties subsequently agreed to refer the dispute to Mediation and appointed former New Zealand Judge, the Honourable Kit Toogood KC and the former Chief Justice of the WA Supreme Court, the Honourable Wayne Martin AC KC as joint mediators.

All parties engaged respectfully and made appropriate concessions in order to reach an agreement.

The State of Victoria has agreed to pay the Commonwealth Games parties (CGF CGFP and CGA) AUD $380 million.

The parties also agreed that the multi-hub regional model was more expensive to host than the traditional models.

The settlement was supported by the mediators.

The terms of the settlement will otherwise remain confidential.

The settlement finalises all matters between the parties.

The parties are legally bound not to speak further regarding the details of the settlement.



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