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Delving into all things Commonwealth Games between now and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

We recap the week that was, chat to a Games star of the past, present or future and take a look at the week ahead for our Commonwealth Games aspirants.

EPISODE 24: Kieren Perkins

Aussie distance swimming legend Kieren ‘Superfish’ Perkins is one of the greats of our Games and has the gift of the gab to match, making this episode of ‘Gold Coast Gold – legend series’ a highlight.

His first international meet came at the age of 16 when he qualified for the Australian squad heading to the Auckland 1990 Commonwealth Games. He made history becoming only the third person ever to dip under the 15 minute mark, and until then easily the youngest. By 1994 Perkins was an Olympic champion and continued his success with four gold medals at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada.

Perkins shares stories of the intense and close relationship he had with his coach Mr (John) Carew and just how hard he would train with a Games in sight.

“You’d go through periods of training where you would go home at night and you couldn’t sleep even though you were just completely exhausted,” he said, “your shoulders would just be so sore and couldn’t find a comfortable position to lay without them throbbing”.

Looking ahead to next year, Perkins expresses his excitement for Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and offers some advice to those who will ultimately join Team Australia.

“It’s going to be bigger, harder and better than anything you have ever done,” he said.

In just three words Perkins described the international event that will take place on the Gold Coast as ‘iconic, stunning and incredible’.


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