#Trinbago2023: Triathlon debut for Youth Games quartet


By Marcus Beeck


Triathlon has quickly risen in popularity, securing its status as one of the world’s most iconic endurance events – which at this Youth Games starts and concludes at Buccoo Beach Facility, Tobago.

This is the first time that triathlon events have been a part of the Commonwealth Youth Games – here’s how to stay across the action.

Australia will be headlined by Aspen Anderson, who was the silver medallist at the Australian Junior Champions, and Oscar Wootton who got on the podium at both the Australian Grand Prix Triathlon and the Pho3nix Gold Coast Triathlon Luke Harrop Memorial.

Jack Latham and Hannah Pollock round out the selection, with both having being part of the Oceania Team that were recently crowned the Olympic Esport World Duathlon Champions.

Triathlon at the Trinbago 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games consists of the following events:

  • Female Super Sprint Distance
  • Male Super Sprint Distance
  • Mixed (1 Male and 1 Female athlete) – Super Sprint Distance

The Individual Super Sprint Distance format consists of a 375m swim in open water, 10km cycle and 2.5km run.

Meanwhile the Mixed Super Sprint Distance format consists of one male and one female athlete competing together, taking turns completing a 200m open water swim, 5km cycle and 1.25km run before tagging their partner in.

The two athletes must both complete the course twice, with the order for the mixed race being male, female, male, female.

How to stay across the action.

The best way to stay across all the action is to follow Commonwealth Games Australia on our social media channels, as well as the official Trinbago2023 Commonwealth Youth Games.


Australian Athletics Team – Trinbago 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games

  • Aspen Anderson (Gold Coast Run Co.)
  • Jack Latham (Cradle Coast Triathlon and Multisport Club)
  • Hannah Pollock (Triple F Triathlon)
  • Oscar Wootton (Ballarat Triathlon Club)


Tobago Buccoo Beach (Tobago)


6 and 8 of August



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