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Bowls Australian National Squad Leaders Announced


The leadership group of the Australian Jackaroos has been confirmed, with seven players selected across all national squads to represent the players as leaders.

The leadership group of the Australian Jackaroos has been confirmed, with seven players selected across all national squads to represent the players as leaders.

Lynsey Clarke, Natasha Van Eldik, Ben Twist, Barrie Lester, Cody Packer, Matt Lucas and Josh Thornton have been elected by their peers for their desirable qualities as leaders, competitors and importantly, as individuals.

Speaking on Bowls Australia’s (BA) ‘The Right Line‘ podcast, Clarke said there is no higher honour than being chosen by her teammates for a position as important as this.

“Around Christmas we had a vote across all squads, taking out the Pathways because they don’t quite know all of us as leaders as opposed to bowlers, just yet,” Clarke said.

“So it was the Emerging, Para and Open; all had votes to select some leaders.

“We ended up having four from our Open Jackaroos squad, two from our Emerging squad and one from our Para squad, so seven leaders all up and elected by our peers which is pretty special.

“Our job is to be that person for our players can come to, a person that goes between staff and players, role models, spokespeople for our group and just upholding the Jackaroos 24/7 mantra.”

Josh Thornton also sits in the leadership group

Lester echoed Clarke’s sentiments, noting he strives to be the best teammate and leader that he can be to support all members of the squad.

“I’m just trying to do what I can to be a really good teammate and be part of this leadership group and just be someone that’s been around the block a few times that could add a bit of fun to the group and add a bit of experience here or there,” he said.

“It’s just great that my peers put my name forward, and for me, I’m not someone that is good at multitasking, so on trips I would just keep things simple without too much happening in the background, so I’ve probably stayed away from getting involved with leadership groups in the past.

“Now I’m quite stable, I’ve got full-time employment at the Burleigh Heads Bowls Club, where they are super supportive.

“With this leadership role I feel like it is the right time for me to take that role on and add my number one strength, which is inclusion.”

National Coach Gary Willis said he looked forward to seeing how the group will develop together and how their strengths will help bond the team even further as the 2022 Commonwealth Games nears.

“I am extremely pleased with the leadership team that represents our national squad,” Willis said.

“They will play a significant role in driving our program, our culture and working closely with HP Staff to ensure all athletes from across our squads have a voice and make a contribution to shaping our future.

“All seven individuals bring unique qualities to their positions, they are all natural leaders and we look forward to providing resource and development opportunities for them to enhance these qualities and their leadership skills even further.”


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