CGA appoint new Board of Management, lead by Ben Houston as President.


Commonwealth Games Australia is pleased to announce that Ben Houston has been elected as President at the 2018 Annual General Meeting in Melbourne on Saturday, 17 November.

The outgoing CGA Board, made of up representatives from each of the Commonwealth Games sports, was reshaped to an independent board comprised of a President, six elected and two appointed Directors.

Recently retired as President of Triathlon Australia, Houston brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the CGA Board and has a proven record of success through his professional career.

Houston is an experienced lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry, coupled with skills in negotiation, competition law, strategic planning, marketing strategy, and stakeholder management.

“Thank you to the delegates for your support and vote of confidence, both in me and your new Board,” said Houston on the announcement of his election to the CGA Presidency.

“I’m very proud to be appointed to this important role. It is a great honour to be given this opportunity to lead this iconic Australian sporting organisation.”

Houston credited the outgoing Sam Coffa AM JP and former CEO Perry Crosswhite AM for their tireless work for CGA over the years.

“I do want to acknowledge Sam’s leadership and contribution to CGA. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to both Sam and Perry, their work has really set the foundation in stone for the organisation in the future and I thank them,” said Houston.

“I’d like to congratulate the new Board of Steve Moneghetti, Leeanne Grantham, David Mandel, Marlene Elliott, Grant Harrison and Darryl Clout. Congratulations!

“The work starts now.”

Commonwealth Games Australia Board

President (four years)

Ben Houston (Triathlon)

Directors (four years)

Steve Moneghetti (Athletics)

Leeanne Grantham (Cycling)

Directors (two years)

David Mandel (Squash)

Marlene Elliott (Netball)

Directors (one year)

Grant Harrison (Gymnastics)

Darryl Clout (Lawn Bowls)

The new CGA Board will appoint two further Directors at their first meeting in December.



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