CGA Statement from Craig Phillips AM – VAGO Report into Victoria 2026


The VAGO Report into Victoria 2026 confirms the gross exaggeration of costs detailed by the then Premier when he made the decision to cancel the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

We have consistently indicated our awareness of potential cost overruns because of Government decision making, but our regularly provided advice to make changes to the event delivery model was ignored.

A Games that celebrated regional Victoria, First Nations Australians and a green and gold team competing on home soil was not out of reach had there been greater collaboration to identify cost mitigation strategies.

We remain hopeful that the Victorian Government will deliver the legacy infrastructure and housing it committed to on 18 July 2023.

The decision to cancel is a missed opportunity for the people of this once proud major event state.

The Commonwealth Games Federation will now contribute £100 million to a Games held elsewhere from the settlement funds with the Victorian Government.



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