CGA Statement from Craig Phillips AM – Victoria 2026


Commonwealth Games Australia Chief Executive Officer, Craig Phillips AM, has made the following comments about the decision to withdraw from the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games by the Victorian Government.

“The announcement made by the Victorian Government today is beyond disappointing.”

“It’s a comprehensive let down for the athletes, the excited host communities, First Nations Australians who were at the heart of the Games, and the millions of fans that would have embraced a sixth home Games in Australia.”

“The multi-city model for delivering Victoria 2026 was an approach proposed by the Victorian Government, in accordance with strategic roadmap of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).”

“It was pitched to the CGF after Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) had sought interest to host the Games from several states. They did not step in as hosts at the last minute, as indicated by the Premier earlier today.”

“The detailed budgetary implications announced today have not been sighted or discussed with the CGF or CGA ahead of being notified of the Government’s decision.

“The stated costs overrun, in our opinion, are a gross exaggeration and not reflective of the operational costs presented to the Victoria 2026 Organising Committee board as recently as June.”

“Beyond this, the Victorian Government wilfully ignored recommendations to move events to purpose-built stadia in Melbourne and in fact remained wedded to proceeding with expensive temporary venues in regional Victoria.”

“CGA would welcome the opportunity to review the financial analysis prepared independently of those who have been involved at the coal face of planning and delivery.”

“We thank the dedicated staff at the Organising Committee and the Office for the Commonwealth Games for their effort, acknowledging that today will be a tough time for those who have worked so hard.”

“We also welcome the announced commitment to regional housing, a critical legacy component of the Games wholeheartedly supported and encouraged from the outset by CGA.”

“The Victorian Government, however, has jeopardised Melbourne and Victoria’s standing as a sporting capital of the world.”



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