CGA welcomes future bid interest


Commonwealth Games Australia CEO Craig Phillips today welcomed the enthusiasm for Australia to again host the Commonwealth Games.


In the past fortnight, two potential bids for future Commonwealth Games have emerged from Regional Victoria and Western Sydney.

Phillips said that while CGA has not consulted with the potential bid teams in Western Sydney or Regional Victoria, he was thrilled to see such enthusiasm for the Games in Australia.

“Australia has a very proud history of competing in and hosting the Commonwealth Games,” Phillips said.

“When we host a Games, as we are preparing to do in 2018 on the Gold Coast, we do it extremely well.

“CGA is currently focused on a successful Gold Coast 2018 Games, and following that, will embark on a process to identify cities for a potential bid for 2026 and beyond,” he said.

Gold Coast 2018 will mark the fifth time the Commonwealth Games have been hosted on Australian shores, following Sydney 1938, Perth 1962, Brisbane 1982 and Melbourne 2006.

While a decision on host cities for the 2026 and 2030 Games will not be made for a number of years, Phillips said he expects an incredibly competitive domestic and international competition for the right to host.

“It will be a competitive process. We understand there are a number of cities that will be preparing to bid for the Commonwealth Games, so looking ahead, we will certainly need to make a call on where and when the best opportunity for Australia to bid again will be.

“Ultimately, the decision to put forward an Australian bid to the Commonwealth Games Federation, lies with CGA.

“There is plenty of work that needs to be done by any city or group looking to host the Games, but I am sure Gold Coast 2018 will prove just what a unique and inspiring event the Commonwealth Games can be,” Phillips said.



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