Commonwealth Games Australia: Durban 2022


Commonwealth Games Australia today expressed its disappointment that the 2022 Commonwealth Games would not go ahead in Durban.

The Commonwealth Games Federation announced that after an extensive review, Durban could not meet significant undertakings outlined in their original bid for the 2022 Games, and accordingly the CGF would consider options, including an alternate host city.

Commonwealth Games Australia CEO Craig Phillips said that there remains great passion for the Commonwealth Games Movement.

“Commonwealth Games Australia looked forward to a historic first Commonwealth Games on the African continent in 2022, however we understand and support the CGF’s decision,” he said.

“We remain passionate about the Commonwealth Games and look forward to a memorable 2018 Games on the Gold Coast and the wonderful legacy it will leave for the city.

“While our focus remains on a successful Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, we will support the CGF in any way required of us to ensure a great 2022 Games go ahead for athletes and fans.

“Commonwealth Games Australia has not been approached by the CGF regarding an alternate host city for 2022. If that approach does come, it is something that we will give due consideration.

“We look forward to the Gold Coast staging a memorable Commonwealth Games in 2018, and look forward to the Movement continuing in 2022 and beyond,” Phillips said.

A statement released earlier by the Commonwealth Games Federation read as follows:

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has completed its review of the final information submitted by South Africa on 30th November, 2016 to determine whether their proposals for hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games are consistent with their original bid commitments and the host city contract.

It is with disappointment that the detailed review has concluded that there is a significant departure from the undertakings provided in Durban’s bid and as a result a number of key obligations and commitments in areas such as governance, venues, funding and risk management/assurance have not been met under the revised proposition.

Louise Martin CBE, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation said:
“In line with the mandate from members at the 2016 General Assembly, the CGF is actively exploring alternative options, including a potential replacement host.

“The CGF will continue to have an open dialogue with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the Republic of South Africa and remains committed to realising the shared ambitions of a future Commonwealth Games in Africa.

The CGF is fully confident and committed to delivering a successful Commonwealth Games for athletes and fans in 2022.”



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