Gold Games anniversary provides happy memories


In an extremely difficult time, the opportunity to look back at the golden glow of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games provides an opportunity for happy memories.

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Games, Commonwealth Games Australia, in conjunction with the Australian domestic broadcaster of the Gold Coast 2018 Games, Seven Network, are taking a special look back.

Commencing with a full replay of the opening ceremony on 7Plus, along with various other highlights of the 11 days of action, the Commonwealth Games Australia social media channels will also take daily look-backs at the Games key moments.

With a theme of ‘Greater Together’ for the 2018 Australian Commonwealth Games team, 756 athletes and support staff joined with hundreds of thousands of Australians on the Gold Coast and millions more around Australia who watched on television or tuned in on radio and social media.

Australia topped the medal tally, capturing 198 medals – 59 gold, 80 silver and 59 bronze.

Enjoy the remainder of a great Games on the Gold Coast.

7Plus Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony:



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